Halloween is here at Harlow & Co. - Girly Bits Monster Mash

Written by Katie Schmidt


Posted on October 07 2012

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadian lacquer lovers!! I hope you are all having a fabulous long weekend - it's pretty cold and dreary here, but I'm staying warm and cozy inside!

We launched the Fall/Halloween shades from Girly Bits this week and the obvious front runner was Smurf Dance which is a limited edition shade - hopefully we'll be able to bring it back in for anyone who missed snagging a bottle! I decided to keep a bottle of Monster Mash for myself after taking a macro bottle shot of it, it just screams Halloween to me!

Girly Bits describes Monster Mash as a clear (but very slightly tinted green, for extra creepiness) base packed with green, gold and black hexes, squares and shreds - all absolutely bang on. I had a tough time deciding what to layer it over, but finally chose a Brazilian shade - Modha HD Metallic Moderna, which is a very pale shimmery green with some yellow undertones. Usually I don't like to use yellow against my skin because it makes me look a little sickly, but I think this combo really worked well.

This is indoors with flash - the shimmer is really apparent when using the flash.

Outdoors, no flash.

And an upside down shot as a tribute to one of my first nail crushes - GlittaGloves!!

What do you guys think?! Love the combo or leave it?! I saw Shelly's Sassy Nails did a post on Girly Bits Monster Mash and I love her layerings - you can check it out here

Girly Bits Monster Mash is still available here - make sure you get one before Halloween!!!




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    That’s cute. I’m wearing clear gtetliry nail polish, I usually buy nail polish that I can wear all year-round because I love them any time of the year!

    Posted by Yuuya | November 18, 2012
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    Love this!! I am torn about what to wear for Halloween this year. Its between this, and Candy Corn layered over a med-dark purple. Love it!

    Posted by Pam | October 07, 2012
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