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Pueen Sumptuous Nail Art Plate Set

$20.00 CAD $24.99 CAD

PUEEN 2013 Nail Art Collection 25F Sumptuous Gallery

The hottest new set of image plates from the nail art experts at PUEEN!

PUEEN Nail Art Stamping Image Plates #01-#25 were designed and created from the ground up to introduce exciting new designs to nail art stamping.

There are very unique and no other nail art image plates look like them.

Each plate measures about 1.8" (5.5cm in diameter) with sanded edges for easy, comfortable handling and a protective nylon screen. The Sumptuous Collection comes in a white case.

All image plates are made from high grade stainless steel and are paper backed to prevent scratching during storage.

This fantastic collection of plates comes with 25 plates ,each containing 6 designs per plate (total of 150 IMAGES!) .

Use this variety pack to create show-stopping nails! This PUEEN collection will not disappoint you. Try it and we are so confident that you will like it!

Check out Chit Chat Nails for a review of this plate set!! Pictures are from Chit Chat Nails as well - plate 05 & plate 20.

*** Stamper and scraper not included!! ***

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