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Around the World 2: CAN We Get Cozy XL Stamping Plate

$9.99 CAD

When it's freezing outside, nothing feels more comforting than a slice of sugarpie and a warm double double from Timmies. Break out the blankets and get comfy with our CAN We Get Cozy nail stamping plate from our Around the World 2 voyageur collection. Stamp another passport destination right onto your nails with art inspired by the fierce hockey games, lush landscapes, and chill vibes of Canada's amazing northern nights.

This XL (4.25in x 2.4in) plate features full nail, accent, and buffet-style designs to give you tons of ways to be creative. As with all our nail stamping plates, we use laser-engraved stainless steel, so you'll receive the highest quality and most intricate results. 

  • NORTHERN NIGHTS: Blush in the brisk, twinkling northern night with our Canada-inspired plate
  • PASSPORT STAMPER: Nail stamping is easy peasy; use w/a base color or create a decal in minutes
  • THE WORLD AT LARGE: XL plates (4.75x2.4in) feature lots of full nail, accent, & buffet-style designs
  • WORLD CLASS: Made with high-quality stainless steel to give you the very best stamping results

Swatch pictures are from Copycat Claws!

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