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Border Patrol

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Border Patrol is a LOW ODOUR liquid latex that is to be applied around the nail area ON the skin, prior to doing any messy nail art such as stamping, sponging and especially water marbling.

Apply a medium-heavy layer directly on the skin surrounding the nail bed getting as close to the nail as possible.

Let dry for about 2 minutes, until it's completely dry but sticky to the touch.

Complete your nail art, then simply peel away the latex barrier and all of your messy nail art that might have ended up on your skin, top coat your nail art and you are good to go!!

Please see a review and a pictorial at Ashley Is PolishAddicted

This product contains LATEX. Please use with caution if you have a sensitivity to latex products.

Please cap tightly, and do not leave un-capped for a length of time. This product dries quickly. 

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