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Polished for Days

Diamond Vinyls

$6.00 CAD

Polished for Days - Diamond Vinyls

Each sheet comes with 12 shields.

Create a flawless easy look as a full manicure or an accent nail. Follow these easy instructions!

Vinyl Directions:

1) Paint your nails with it's base color.
2) Top with your favorite top coat.
3) Let the top coat completely dry! (Most important part!)
4) Then place the vinyl on your nail and push down especially around your cuticles. (You can use tweezers to help!)
5) For the full nail vinyls feel free to trim off extra vinyl with cuticle snippers if it is too large.
6) Paint over the vinyl and let it dry for no more than 20-30 seconds.
7) Peel off the vinyls and let the polish dry for a little longer.
8) Clean up cuticles and top with your favorite top coat!
9) Enjoy!

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