F002 Water Slide Decals

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Polina @freiliiegend adores imitation of fabrics in the design, so she decided to use different textures when creating this slider. 

The first design was inspired by the patterns of sweaters, and on the second - the technique of hand-made fabric ikat, in which the threads are painted before they get into the loom.

How to use:

  1. Select and cut a decal element from the sheet
  2. Apply your base coat to nails (use white nail polish as your base to create a more vibrant look)
  3. Place the element into water for 5-10 seconds
  4. Remove the element from the water. Slide the decal film from the paper base
  5. Place the decal film on the nail
  6. With a brush or cotton tip (dipped in nail polish remover/acetone) clean away the excess film
  7. Apply top coat to seal the decal to the nail

Made in Russia

While we do our best to ensure colours match on several devices on our end, the device you view this listing on may not accurately reflect the colour of the polish.  Photos are provided to us for use by the respective bloggers, and colours may show differently depending on lighting, skin tones, and camera equipment used.


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