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Happily Never After Stamping Plate - Dead of Night

$8.49 CAD $9.99 CAD

Our Dead of Night (XL195) nail stamping plate is inspired by the midnight spell undone in the classic storybook fairy tale, Cinderella. A dream quickly turns into a nightmare once the clock strikes 12. Tell a fantasy disillusioned with horny vines, brittle skeletons, revolting rats, and the craggly spines of the chilling woods.

This XL (4.25in x 2.4in) plate an array of accent, full nail, and buffet-style designs for you to rewrite the ending as you please. As with all our nail stamping plates, we use laser-engraved stainless steel, so you'll receive the highest quality and most intricate results.

  • BROKEN SPELL: A sinister twist on the Brothers' Grimm classic, Cinderella
  • REWRITE THE FATE: Tell your own story by mixing and matching your favorite colors and designs
  • THE FAIREST OF THEM ALL: Just scrape, stamp, and swoon your way to perfect nails
  • BIGGEST & BADDEST: XL plates (4.75x2.4in) feature tons of full nail, accent, & buffet-style designs
  • TIMELESS TALES: Our laser-engraved stainless steel guarantees precision & quality results

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