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Heart of Gold is a chunky glitter topper with holographic shapes and hearts.

Heart of Gold isn't just nail polish; it embodies the essence of kindness and warmth. This chunky gold holographic glitter topper, adorned with a radiant heart and multi-shaped sparkles, mirrors the spirit of compassion and genuine connections. It's more than just a shimmering polish; it's a reminder of the beauty in spreading positivity and heartfelt intentions. Enhance your nails with this dazzling tribute to the "heart of gold" within us all. 

Pair this glitter with Memento Mori to achieve this look!

Note that this glitter polish may provide a slightly textured finish, easily smoothed with two layers of top coat for a brilliant, polished look. For easy removal, we recommend using our Paint N' Peel Base Coat as your base!

Good to Know:

  • Contains Chunky Holographic Glitter In A Clear Base
  • Apply By Dabbing Glitters Over A Base Layer
  • Apply 2 Coats Of Top Coat To Smooth Out The Finish
  • Non-Toxic Formula
  • Vegan And Cruelty Free
  • Wide Brush With 100% PCR Cap

While we do our best to ensure colours match on several devices on our end, the device you view this listing on may not accurately reflect the colour of the polish.  Photos are provided to us for use by the respective bloggers, and colours may show differently depending on lighting, skin tones, and camera equipment used.


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