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A England

If The Ravens Leave The Tower

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…The Kingdom will fall and the Crown with it. For as long as the Tower has stood, the legend has been that when the ravens leave the crown will fall. Today, it is still widely recited and six ravens must be kept within its grounds at all time. To ensure the flock, a spare is kept and each bird regularly has its wings clipped to keep them close by. Their importance is so revered that they are viewed as servants of the nation, and enlisted in the army with the same papers as any other soldier.

SHADE: Green-blue teal flaming holographic with high prismatic effect to signify the flight towards land, sea and freedom.


A-England nail polishes are Big 3 Free, Cruelty Free & Vegan.

Swatch pictures are from @kobra88

"London’s castle. Mighty fortress. Royal palace. Infamous prison. Almost 1,000 years since its inception, the Tower of London, with its spellbinding history steeped in mystery and intrigue, still has the capacity to both fascinate and horrify."

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