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Polished for Days


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{Lyre} is a blue jelly base packed with aqua to pink iridescent flakes, pink to green iridescent flakes, pink to gold to green iridescent micro flakes and holographic flakes. 

"When Jenna and I were still in the early planning stages of this collection, she asked if my 7yr. old daughter, Lyric, would like to design one of the polishes. Silly question. 😂 Lyr almost exploded with excitement. The morning I told her Jenna wanted her help, she grabbed a notebook and colored pencils before getting on the bus. By the time she came home from school, she had a drawing/diagram completely finished. She was incredibly specific about not only the color of the base, but also about the different colors of flakes and shimmers she wanted in there. Jenna made several prototypes to run by Lyric, and I remember at one point, Lyr told me to tell Jenna, “The pink flash needs to be stronger, please.” proud. 💖 While Lyric’s diagram says she wanted the polish to be named “Holografic” 😂, we decided to name her polish “Lyre.” Lyric believes it’s pronounced the same as her nickname, and I have decided to let her keep that dream alive. 😂"Kendra, The Polished Okie

Opacity: 2-3 coats.

All polishes are handmade and hand mixed in beautiful California. All polishes are 5 Free, Cruelty Free, and Vegan.

Swatched by The Polished Okie, DeLishious Nails & Little Mermaid Nailed It

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