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nail polish MACARON est. 2017… french sweetness for your tips / created with @ilaeti

Inspiration: In Laetitia’s words…  This color is made for all the sweet tooth’s out there. Its syrup-like texture is like a sweet fruit jam that fills a French macaron, while its yummy red color is as bold as the shells. French sweetness for the tips… Bon appétit!

Colour/Texture: Raspberry red jelly scatter holographic + dries smooth on the nail (contains no glitter)

Application: Shake gently before use and apply two coats for opaque coverage

Volume: 11ml 0.37 fl.oz + 5 free + vegan + never tested on animals

Care Instructions: Keep away from heat, flame & children, store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

Swatched by Sveta Sanders & comparison done by LakkomLakkom.

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