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Mystic Woods Stamping Plate - Nature's Kaleidoscope

$3.49 CAD

When nature is calling but you want to do your nails instead of going outside, what do you do? Easy answer, grab Nature's Kaleidoscope, the 6th plate in our 2nd set of Mystic Woods stamping plates. This plate has 6 full nail designs and they are a trippy mix of abstract and beautiful floral patterns.

*APPLICATION* : Apply any color nail polish to your chosen image on the stainless steel plate. Using a scraper, remove any excess nail polish. Using a stamper, stamp the image in a rolling motion. Stamp the design directly to the nail. Not only are our nail stamping plates easy to use, but your design can be changed as easily as a coat of nail polish!

**NOTE**: Before use, peel off the tight, protective, blue plastic on top of each plate.

  • NATURE IS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL, especially when you can take that beauty and add it to you manicure.
  • NATURE'S KALEIDOSCOPE (BM-S186) is a trippy mix of abstract patterns and beautiful floral patterns.
  • BUFFET AND FULL NAIL patterns are throughout this collection featured on our popular Square Plates.
  • Like all of our Nail Plates, we use HIGH QUALITY stainless steel to give you epic stamping results.
  • Stamp over base color or create a decal to instantly spice up a manicure!

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