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N002 Water Slide Decals

$6.99 CAD

Steampunk design of these sliders was inspired by the computer game Starbound, and retro elements, according to Nastya @nailtard, were "whispered" to her by color combinations. And there the man in gogla turned into a man with a mustache ...

How to use:

  1. Select and cut a decal element from the sheet
  2. Apply your base coat to nails (use white nail polish as your base to create a more vibrant look)
  3. Place the element into water for 5-10 seconds
  4. Remove the element from the water. Slide the decal film from the paper base
  5. Place the decal film on the nail
  6. With a brush or cotton tip (dipped in nail polish remover/acetone) clean away the excess film
  7. Apply top coat to seal the decal to the nail

Made in Russia

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