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Orange Autumn Floral Water Slide Decal

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Water slide decals are an amazing way to add detailed artwork to manicures.  Just soak in water, slide onto your nail, and seal with top coat for a fun manicure.

Design - N472
Description – Orange, white floral designs
Best Base Color – white base

Swatch pictures are from @vellinails on Instagram!

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You are purchasing 1 water decal sheet. Each sheet is enough for 1 full manicure or several manicures w/accent nails.

Water decal use:

1 – Apply nail polish to the nail and let dry.

2 – Select a design and cut it out of the sheet.

3 – Soak the design in water for about 10 seconds.

4 – Slide the image from the backing paper and gently place in on the desired nail surface location.

5 – Firmly press the design on your nail with your finger.

6 – Gently Apply a top coat, take care to not drag brush over the same area twice or the design will break and crack.  Peel away excess and clean up any remaining decal with acetone.

There are may fantastic tutorials on YouTube for water slide decals, a quick search will find more visual instructions.

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