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Pineapple Cotton Grabber

$17.99 CAD

Suffering from the fuzzies? Keep your manicure sleek and clean with our Pineapple Cotton Grabber. This cute little device makes cleaning your stamping plate faster and easier by keeping lint and acetone away from your freshly painted nails. To use, just push the pineapple top to reveal and open the cotton claw at the bottom, then pick up any cotton pad with the claw. Release the pineapple to cinch your cotton. 

Warning: Please use a cotton grabber with caution as the claw is very sharp. Keep away from children. Do not use the claw to grab or pinch the skin.

  • GRAB COTTON IN A CINCH: The perfect device for picking up cotton.
  • NO MORE FUZZIES: Keeps lint away from your fingertips.
  • CLEAN YOUR PLATE: Wipe up your nail stamping plates easier and faster.
  • SWEET: Designed with a pineapple shaped top reminiscent of our favorite pineapple gummies.
  • WARNING: Keep away from children. Do not use the claw to grab or pinch skin. The claw is very sharp.

While we do our best to ensure colours match on several devices on our end, the device you view this listing on may not accurately reflect the colour of the polish.  Photos are provided to us for use by the respective bloggers, and colours may show differently depending on lighting, skin tones, and camera equipment used.

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