Guest Post: chakalacquer with Spring Themed Nail Art!

Written by Katie Schmidt


Posted on April 02 2014

Hi there!

My name is Charlotte, I’m a polishaholic from Denmark and I write a blog called (link:

For those of you who don’t know me – and I’m guessing that might be a lot of you, hehe. No offense taken – I’ve been blogging about nail polish pretty much ever since it caught my eyes, or rather nails, in 2010.

I’m also an indie polish maker, but that’s a whole other story. But this might give you an idea of how obsessed I am with nail polish.

Right, let me start this guest post out by saying how SUPER excited I am to be able to contribute to the Harlow & Co. blog! I love this shop. Great selection, great prices and great customer service!

So when Katie announced on facebook they were currently looking for someone to add to their blog, I sent her an e-mail instantly ;)

Of course the deal was that my post had to be about polish sold in the H&Co store. Luckily for me I own quite many of the ones currently sold in the store, so I actually had a hard time choosing.

But since Spring is coming up, and oh, how I’m looking forward to that, I wanted to create a light, Springy design. I thought about doing Easter eggs, but somehow ended up with a more simple design when I got started with my dotting tool.

This design is so easy to do, and it takes literally no time at all! Yet, it’s still very feminine and it makes me happy just looking at it.

For the base I used Ciaté – Snow Virgin, which is my favourite white to-go base. On top of that I dotted four colours from the Models Own scented Spring collection from last year. You know, the ones that smell like fruits?

The purple one is called Grape Juice, the blue is called Blueberry Muffin, the green is Apple Pie and the yellow is called Banana Split.

Finally I gave them a mattefying top coat.

Now, I love me a good, scented polish. I have to say. But I agree, some scented ones can get too smelly and just make you nausea.

I don’t think these do that, though. Actually, the scent is very well disguised the moment you put on top coat, giving your nails just a hint of a fruity smell, which I really enjoy.

…even though people tend to look at me funny, when I sit with my nails all up under my nose for no apparent reason. Also, it might not be too healthy, but what are you gonna do ;)

I really love these beautiful pastel Spring colours from Models Own. Even though they’re pastel, they are very easy to work with and don’t streak like most pastels tend to do. They come in five pretty colours, pink being the last one.

That’s it for my guest post, I hope you enjoyed it. Please do visit me at my blog or on facebook: (Link: or instagram: (Link: – or even at Twitter… (Link: My blog is in Danish, but with a translation button installed, and my twitter and instagram are in English, and luckily pictures are universal :) Can’t wait to see you!

Lots of love



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