About Us

Harlow & Co. sprung from an obsession with beautiful nail colours - however, a lot of these nail colours and brands were not available to Canada! Something had to be done, so owner, Katie, went to work sourcing nail polishes that are currently not available in Canada or are hard to get in Canada with all those “icky” shipping costs and long waits. Harlow & Co. was born of this hard work and we take great pride in the products we’ve hand picked to sell to you!

All of the brands we stock are cruelty-free and most are Big 3 or 5 Free!

Brands such as piCture pOlish, Glam Polish, Pretty Serious Cosmetics & Powder Perfect are all out of Australia and have been gaining more popularity in North America with their exposure on numerous nail blogs, so we just had to bring them to Canada! What we are extra proud of though, is supporting small businesses - "indie" brand nail polishes - Girly Bits Cosmetics, KBShimmer Bath & Body, Polished for Days, Illyrian Polish and many more! We think that it's so important for small businesses to help other small businesses!

We strive to bring you the best in the nail polish kingdom and we hope that you’ll enjoy our obsession as much as we do!


Owner, Harlow & Co.