Guest Post: ColorsFrenzy with Beautiful Pastel Nail Art!

Written by Katie Schmidt


Posted on April 04 2014

Hi everyone!

I’m Novi, the blogger behind ColorsFrenzy. I’m relatively new in the blogging world, turning one next month. I practice my nail art skill and do swatches here and there, basically just anything I feel like doing that day.

I’m so excited to be able to do a guest post for Katie! If you’re following her on instagram, you’d know that Katie does some fabulous manis herself.

I had other mani done for this post, but ended up not liking it so much, and I sure won’t pass something that I’m not fond of myself. Today I came up with a mani that I’m satisfied with. I think it’s kinda cute and ‘springy’ (although I think we’re skipping spring here).

I started this mani with 3 thin coats of Lime Crime Milky Ways and let it dry completely.

Then using Pueen 54 from the buffet set and Picture Polish Badass, I stamped the squares pattern on each nail. Badass is pretty great to use for stamping.

The next step is creating the chevron tips, I used Picture Polish Peaches n’ Cream & Tiffany. Using the polish brush, I swipe from one side of the nail up to about 2/3 of the tip, creating a triangle. And I do the same from the other side of the nail, one corner of the triangle is overlapping in the middle of the tip.

With a dotting tool, I dotted the corners of the squares, alternating the colours (also using Picture Polish Peaches n’ Cream & Tiffany). It makes the stamped pattern looks like quilted squares.

For the accent nail, I didn’t do the chevron tip. Instead, I just dotted the inside of the squares. Finished off with a quick dry & shiny top coat.

Picture Polish is one of my favorite indie brand, so far I’m loving all the ones I have. I’ve also been trying to complete the pastels from Lime Crime, soon they all will be mine!

If you would like to see more of my work, you can visit my blog at or my social media:




I hope you enjoyed the post. Thank you so much Katie or having me!





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    I LOVE this mani! I need that Buffet set eventually so I can try to recreate your gorgeous mani sometime!

    Posted by Debbie Spence | April 04, 2014
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