Guest Post: My Nail Polish Online with Nubar Nail Art

Written by Katie Schmidt


Posted on April 11 2014

Hi lovelies!

I'm Ina from Sweden and I'm running the blog My Nail Polish Online where I show a mixture of swatches and nail arts posting seven days a week. I took the opportunity to respond to Katie's call for blogger's guest posts on facebook because I'm a big fan of Harlow's online store where I usually find brands hard for me to buy in other stores, like KBShimmer and Lime Crime.

The base of my manicure is an absolutely stunning duochrome coming from Nubar named Indigo Illusion. The polish floats smoothly on the nails and covers in two coats. Indigo Illusion is a polish that I've got for quite a long time ago but that I'm rediscovering right now. The duochrome is changing from purple to green and applied on it's own it has a beautiful dusty quality to it.

On top of this beauty I've painted roses with Lime Crime - Milky Way and Lime Crime - Lavendairy. I love how the purple in the Indigo Illusion is harmonizing with light purple roses. Also the green flashes that Indigo Illusion gives from time to time depending on the angle give the impression of a background of leafs. Illusion indeed ;)

Thank you Katie for having me as a guest at your blog! For more nail art and swatches, please visit my blog My Nail Polish Online



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