piCture pOlish BlogFest 2012!

Written by Katie Schmidt


Posted on July 29 2012

So most of you who are on Twitter & Facebook have noticed that piCture pOlish is promoting their annual BlogFest which is a fabulous idea and they include bloggers from around the world.

I'll be updating this page with the links to all the bloggers participating and the polishes they will be showing off.

I'm also so proud to announce our own collaboration shade with piCture pOlish:

piCture pOlish contacted me and asked what my "perfect" shade would be and I knew right away that I wanted a chocolate brown holo. They created this gorgeous earthy brown with a scattered holo - it's absolutely everything I had imagined! I am so honoured that they included me in their collaboration shades and I couldn't be happier with the way that Demeter turned out, thank you so much piCture pOlish!!

Demeter will retail at $14.50 and should arrive any day now - to get notification when it arrives, click here!

Check out the other collaboration shades from Llarowe, Overall Beauty, Star Trinkets and Pshiiit - they are absolutely gorgeous and available from their own shops or from piCture pOlish directly!

BlogFest 2012 links:

The Nail Polish Product - Demeter & Orbit

Polished Peripherals - Kryptonite & Orbit

Glam Polish - Kryptonite & Dorothy

Epitome of Superficiality - Kryptonite & Tease

The Made Up Maiden - Dorothy & Attitude (exclusive to Overall Beauty)

Lab Muffin - Mirage & Orbit

More Nail Polish - White Wedding (exclusive to Llarowe) & Warning

More Nail Polish - Kryptonite

Cotton Candy Diva - Tease & Attitude (exclusive to Overall Beauty)

Kelly's Kolors - Amethyst (exclusive to Star Trinkets) & Orbit

The Subtle Shimmer - Dorothy, Orbit, Tease, Kryptonite & Mirage

Polish Infatuated - Dorothy & Demeter

Holographic Hussy - Demeter & Attitude

Makeup & Things - Demeter & Dorothy

Pshiiit - Pshiiit (exclusive to Pshiiit Boutique) & Dorothy

The Crumpet - Kryptonite & White Wedding (exclusive to Llarowe)

The Lacquer Diaries - Mirage & Dorothy

Samarium's Swatches - Demeter & Orbit

The Obsessed - Demeter & Tease

The Polishaholic - Demeter & Attitude (exclusive to Overall Beauty)

Adventures in Acetone - Demeter & Tease

Nails by Kayla Shevonne - Demeter & Attitude (exclusive to Overall Beauty)

Neverland Nail Blog - Tease & Attitude (exclusive to Overall Beauty)

Wacky Laki - Dorothy & White Wedding (exclusive to Llarowe)

Rebecca Likes Nails - Mirage & Pshiiit (exclusive to Pshiiit Boutique)

Pretty Purple Polish - Tease & Amethyst (exclusive to Star Trinkets)

Lacquer Dreams - Dorothy & Mirage

Sara Hassan's Blog - Warning & Orbit

Little Nails - Pshiiit (exclusive to Pshiiit Boutique)

Shatter Me Claire - Tease

Lindsey's Lacquer - Demeter & Orbit

Jaztee - Tease & Pshiiit (exclusive to Pshiiit Boutique)

Pointless Cafe - Amethyst (exclusive to Star Trinkets) & Dorothy

Nail Polish Anon - Tease & Attitude (exclusive to Overall Beauty)

Pretty Polish Please - Dorothy & Amethyst (exclusive to Star Trinkets)

Never Ending Obsession - Orbit & Kryptonite

Every Sensory - Orbit & Pshiiit (exclusive to Pshiiit Boutique)

The Cat's Claws - Orbit & Pshiiit (exclusive to Pshiiit Boutique)

Leona Carolina's Closet - Demeter & Amethyst (exclusive to Star Trinkets)

Love for Lacquer - Attitude (exclusive to Overall Beauty) & Pshiiit (exclusive to Pshiiit Boutique)

Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom - Warning & Tease

Do Beauting - Dorothy & Pshiiit (exclusive to Pshiiit Boutique)

Lacquered Lover - Amethyst (exclusive to Star Trinkets) & White Wedding (exclusive to Llarowe)

Fashion Polish - Dorothy & Kryptonite

Trace Face Philes - MIrage & Kryptonite

Miss Dudette - Pshiiit (exclusive to Pshiiit Boutique) & Dorothy

Scrangie - Attitude (exclusive to Overall Beauty) & White Wedding (Exclusive to Llarowe)



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