ChitChatNails KBShimmer Glow Stick Guest Post

Written by Katie Schmidt


Posted on August 10 2012

I have an amazing treat for you guys today - Marta from ChitChatNails did me the honour of guest posting for the Harlow Blog!! I am such a huge fan of Marta's nail art/stamping and her amazing photo spreads on her blog - if you don't follow her, you absolutely need to! 


WOW... I can't believe I have been invited to do a guest post here on the Harlow & Co website blog. I am Marta and I run a little nail art blog from London Ontario (yes, I'm a fellow Canadian) called ChitChat Nails.

This season has been all about fun and bright nails; we have also been seeing a LOT of neon in fashion and accessories.  That is why I would like to show you KB Shimmer Glow Stick today!  Glow Stick is an incredibly intense highlighter neon-yellow with a fantastic assortment of holographic glitter suspended in the jelly base.

This neon applies sooo incredibly well.  The formula is more jelly-like and a bit thicker than most of the runnier neon shades that I own.  This definitely helps with application AND Glow Stick only needs three coats (no white base needed) to be fully opaque and marvelous in its full neon glory.

If admiring this vibrant shade in the sunlight wasn't awesome enough, Glow Stick also glows in the dark!!! Yeah! I was inspired by this feature to add a little bit of nail art stamping (I love me some nail stamping! ;) ).

I isolated random stars from an image on the Bundle Monster BM-320 plate and used MASH Nail Art Black to stamp with.  I then used a dotting tool and added a few Orly Sweet Peacock dots ;)  

I hope you like my fun and whimsical look.  This shade is honestly both a pleasure to apply and is such a bright and playful color.
Have you been sporting some neon this summer?

Make sure you add KB Shimmer Glow Stick to your cart with your next Harlow & Co purchase ;)



A huge thank you to Marta of ChitChatNails for showing off her amazing nail art skills on this hot colour!!

What do you think of Marta's swatches and nail art?!

Are you following ChitChatNails yet!?

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    OMG this color is beautiful !

    Posted by Un Brin de Julie | August 10, 2012
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