NEW Layla polishes have arrived! Misty Blush swatches!

Written by Katie Schmidt


Posted on August 25 2012

The new Layla polishes have arrived at Harlow & Co. - Holograms, Ceramics & Mirror Effects.


I was super excited about the Holograms in particular, it's like they made the last three (Cloudy Violet, Misty Blush & Coffee Love) just for me! I obviously had to try them out and if you follow me on Instagram (@madebykate) you probably saw my pinkie swatch of Coffee Love, but I decided to do a whole mani with Misty Blush and I absolutely love the results. This is my very first blog post with my own nails so please be kind!!

This is outside in the sunlight - no flash

I used Nfu Oh's Aqua Base before I started with the Hologram, sadly I don't carry Nfu Oh (yet!) but you can get it at plenty of other places or you can just fore go the base coat altogether. I used two coats of Misty Blush and then topped it with Nina Ultra Pro Wet Glaze (found at your local Sally Beauty) because it doesn't dull the holo and it gives me more wear time out of the holographics.

This is inside with flash

Also, inside with flash - but again if you follow me on Instagram, you would probably know that the above show is the pose I use most often - I just had to throw it in there!

I hope you guys liked my quickie swatches of Layla Misty Blush - the new Layla's will be released on our shop site on Saturday August 25 at 10 am EST - if you miss the first round, don't sweat it, they will be back!!




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