Things I Love at the Moment Girly Bits Guest Post!!

Written by Katie Schmidt


Posted on September 05 2012

We have a fabulous blogger for you guys today - Michelle from Things I Love at the Moment - and she is going to show off two of my favourite Girly Bits polishes today!!!
Hi, everyone!  I am Michelle from Things I Love at the Moment, and I'm a blogger from Northern California.  I am so excited that my first-ever guest post is for none other than Katie at Harlow and Co!  Katie, thank you so much for having me here on your blog!    
Today, I want to show you something special.  I have two Girly Bits top coats for you that have been around awhile, but may have been put on the back burner with all the fervor surrounding her newer polishes!   First, is Cosmic Ocean which I have layered over black.
 Cosmic Ocean is a douchrome top coat that subtly changes from a rich emerald green to a deep royal blue.  I used only one coat of Cosmic Ocean over black, and it went on smoothly and evenly.  These top coats look best over darker colors.  Do you see the blue and green in the pictures?  Isn't it beautiful?!
 This royal blue is hard to capture on camera, but in artificial lighting, I finally grabbed ahold of it!
 Here is another look at the color-changing Cosmic Ocean. It really does look like the deep blue sea!
This close-up really captures the depth and detail of the polish.  I am a huge fan of duochromes and this one takes the cake!
Now I want to share with you Girly Bits' fantastic multi chrome polish, Shift Happens.  What an appropriate name!  Shifts of color happen with no effort on my part!  I had no problem capturing this beauty, and I even went picture crazy, snapping away over fifty pictures of this polish!
If you remember the infamous and hard-to-find Max Factor Fantasy Fire, THIS is its dupe. DEAD ON.  I know it is, because I have a bottle of FF and these have the same multi-chrome look.  If you always wanted a bottle of FF and couldn't get one, just buy this!  It is a larger bottle and has much better application!
I put one coat of Shift Happens over black.  Shift Happens is a multi-chrome rather than a duo-chrome. It shifts from emerald green to yellow to a coppery bronze and is perfect for fall!
Girly Bits polishes are very high quality polishes.  I have had the pleasure of using several of them and they have all been well-thought out with high-end ingredients and fantastic application.

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A huge thank you to Michelle from Things I Love at the Moment for showing off these Canadian made beauties by Pam at Girly Bits!!

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    I do follow Michelle and I think her swatches are beautiful :)

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