Double Event - Models Own Mirrorball & Lime Crime

Written by Katie Schmidt


Posted on September 25 2012

Maybe we're a bit crazy, but tonight (September 25th) at 9pm EST we'll be launching two gorgeous, yet very different polish collections. 

First up, we've got seven beautiful pastel cremes from Lime Crime with adorable names like Once Upon a Blue Mousse or Parfait Day. Note that these are smaller than usual polishes, coming in at 8.5 ml - you can check out the size difference on - she does some amazing swatches of these polishes!

You can buy these lovelies here for $8.50 each or the set of seven for $49 - however, we won't hide the fact that if you are located in the US, you can buy directly from the Lime Crime website for a bit less money! Remember international polish fans - there is always shipping, duties, brokerage to factor into our prices so sadly they are a bit more, but shipping is still FREE on orders over $50!!

Next up, we have the much talked about Models Own Mirrorball Collection! This collection is comprised of five spectacular glitter bombs - Models Own calls it "bling for your nails" and they have that right! A Polish Addict did some amazing bottle shots of these lovelies.

You'll be able to buy these beauties here at 9pm EST for $10 each or $45 for the entire set of glitter amazing-ness!!!

I had a quick chance to try one of each in between packing orders, getting my office in order and answering the astounding amount of emails about KBShimmer . ;) I used two coats of Lime Crime Once Upon a Blue Mousse and then topped it with two coats of Models Own Mirrorball Freak Out! - I think it turned out really great, I had to use a thick topcoat to make the glitter smooth, but both polishes were easy to work with, even the glitter!

Also, don't mind my half sloppy clean-up!! No judging!! :)

I hope you all get what you want during the "double event" tonight!





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    I got two full sets of Lime Crime.. I just could not risk running out of these beauties.. Thanks so much!!!

    Posted by Nicole | September 25, 2012
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    I hope you don’t run out.. I want to get the full set of Lime Crime and one each of Parfait Day, Peaches ♥ Cream, Pastelchio and Lavendairy.. I don’t want to run out of these pretties… lol.. I hope everyone’s attention will be on the Models Own so I don’t miss the Lime Crime.. Can’t wait

    Posted by Nicole | September 25, 2012
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