piCture pOlish Baby Shower!

Written by Katie Schmidt


Posted on November 05 2012

Just this past Saturday I had the honour of hosting a baby shower for my "little" sister, Lisa, who is expecting in January - I'll let you guess, by the pictures, what she is having! ;) I didn't realize how much work went into having these things and I was definitely spent by the time Saturday was over!

My Mom and I were having a hard time figuring out what to give our guests as favours, but thanks to Pinterest, we found the perfect thing - nail polish - of course!! Now, we decided pretty last minute on this and I was feeling kind of under the gun about getting a whole lot of polish in such a quick amount of time (days!) but the ladies at piCture pOlish were an absolute life saver and got a special shipment of pretty baby shades out to me ASAP - a HUGE thank you to them, they were such a great hit!!!

I decided to go with two shades of pink and one baby blue (for that 2% chance it might be a boy!) - CandyFairy Floss & Sky.

Now, the cupcakes and sugar cookies were made late Friday night with help of my amazing, and also expecting, friend - Courtney - I totally couldn't have done this without you!! The snag on these treats is that we needed to accommodate Lisa, since this was her shower - they had to be lactose and red dye free! Challenge accepted - said Courtney and they turned out sooo yummy - recipes are from the Joy of Baking.

Those two fabric covered boards above were made for guests to attach their "wishes" for baby - the wish cards are shown in photos above.

The shower was a success, if I do say so myself - and what was on my nails you ask?

Ozotic 607 Scattered Holographic - baby pink holo goodness!!

What do you guys think?! Would you love to get a box of candy and a polish as a favour!?




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    What a fabulous baby shower!!! Looks like you all had a great time! And totally adore the idea of a box of candy and polish as favours!

    Posted by Lacqueerisa | November 05, 2012
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    What an incredibly sweet post!
    I wish your sister all the best on this new journey (and you will be an AUNTIE)… the niece will be in seventh-heaven when she enters Harlow&Co headquarters when she grows up.
    Loved this personal-touch post ;)

    Posted by Marta | November 05, 2012
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    Amazing and so cute you did a great job!

    Posted by Tina | November 05, 2012
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    I would love that as a favour, of course being a polish addict who wouldn’t!!!!!!! that is a cute baby shower :) Congrats to Lisa!

    Posted by Mir Cheung | November 05, 2012
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