KBShimmer Winter Collection - my picks!

Written by Katie Schmidt


Posted on November 15 2012

Well, it's November 15th and we all know what that means... KBShimmer's Winter Collection is being released at 12pm EST (and 8pm EST). I'm going to make this a quickie post because I honestly have so much to do before the launch still and I'm sure you've all seen swatches either on the Harlow Facebook page or the KBShimmer Facebook page!

People always ask me which polishes I'm going to save for myself or how I don't manage to keep all of the polishes!? It's tough. I love each and every one of the polishes that come through my office - I wouldn't carry them if I didn't!! And I think at some point or another I will have each polish that I sell or have sold, but I do it gradually. Also, sometimes I keep a colour and find out that it isn't that great against my skin-tone, so I end up gifting it to a friend! I know right off the bat, I am keeping four of the nine that are launching today - I think I will eventually keep the other five for myself, but that will happen during another restock!! I feel like if I keep all nine, I'm being greedy because that is one less of each shade that you, my amazing customers, will not have the chance to purchase. I hope that makes sense!!

My "picks" for the KBShimmer Winter Collection are swatched below, I love them and I think that Cocoa Nut is my sleeper favourite - I didn't expect to love it as much as I do - I think I may have an obsession for brown polish...

All pictures are taken in my lightbox with flash - we've had some pretty miserable days here and we lose the light pretty fast this time of year!

All Decked Out - this is two coats of pure Christmas!!

Cocoa Nut - two coats of absolute yumminess!!

Hex Appeal - two coats of glitter jelly beauty, this one was so hard to photograph though!

Snow Way - three coats just to make sure my nail line was covered up - now, I didn't love this one as much as I thought I was going to while I was applying it, but hold on! Once I put a coat of Seche Vite (or any thicker top coat) over it, I was absolutely smitten, it's hands down my favourite of the entire bunch!! So don't be upset if you get it and don't love the way it looks before the top coat - the top coat makes this polish everything!!!

Well, I hope you guys liked my quickie swatch post for the KBShimmer Winter Collection - I have the launch details listed below for you international polish fans!! If you are in the US, I urge you to buy directly from KBShimmer November 15th at 12pm EST!! Also, the items will not appear in our shop until the launch time so that we can update them behind the scenes - this goes for both launch times, so don't be alarmed if they aren't on the website!!

Thursday, November 15th
12pm EST & 8pm EST

*** each launch will have the same number of polishes per shade, we will also be listing a small amount of Oh Splat! during each launch as well ***

To convert the time (EST) for your time zone, please use this website: Happy Zebra. We work using Toronto, ON Canada time!!!

I hope everyone is able to get what they want!!




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    I love this collection and I would be happy to use my offer that I received via e-mail, but unfortunately all of my faves are out stock. Will there be new ones to sell? Snow way! for instance… :)

    Posted by Eva-Stiina | November 26, 2012
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    Great swatches – now you have me wanting them all, too! :o)

    Posted by Red Stewart | November 15, 2012
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