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NOTD - piCture pOlish Demeter

Written by Katie Schmidt


Posted on December 28 2012

I can't believe that I haven't posted any swatch photos of my own creation, piCture pOlish Demeter, I wear this shade a lot - it's so gorgeous, but I'm kind of biased. ;)

"for all the down to earth goddesses!

When piCture pOlish asked me what my perfect shade would be - I knew immediately what I wanted - a chocolate brown holographic polish! So they created this earthy subtle scattered holo and it's exactly what I was dreaming of - I couldn't be happier with this shade!

Demeter was the goddess of earth's harvest so we thought it was fitting that Demeter be a celebration for all the down to earth goddesses out there!"

Enough words - onto the gorgeous rich brown polish with scattered holographic particles! All pictures were taken indoors with flash - no top coat was used.

Blurred so you can see the gorgeous holo particles!!!!

This last one - I wanted to glam it up with Femme Fatale Cosmetics Ebon Roses on the tips - I wish my camera was co-operating for this one, because it really is fabulous!!

What do you guys think - love Demeter?!




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