KBShimmer Let's Get Star-ted & Black to Business

Written by Katie Schmidt


Posted on January 22 2013

It's a cold one today here at Harlow & Co.: -27°C with the wind chill!!! Probably the coldest day we've had this winter since it's been pretty mild! 

We're restocking KBShimmer today and that means busy, busy! Along with the regular shades we're restocking, we've got two new shades: Let's Get Star-ted & Black to Business!! I couldn't find a whole lot of swatch pictures on the ole Google search, so I thought I'd give it a go with both of them. Who am I kidding? I couldn't wait to try them out!!! :)

Let's Get Star-ted is one of those white crelly glitter combos that EVERYONE loves right now!!! I am no exception, I was dying to get my paws on this one - the little black stars are just so cute! I used three coats to cover my nail line and topped it with Seche Vite to smooth it all out - I didn't have any formula issues, it was perfect! And I didn't even need to fish for any stars, they came out on their own - bonus, they are smaller than usual nail polish stars so they don't stick up and catch on things!!!

These photos were taken in my lightbox.

Black to Business is a mixture of tiny matte glitters - blue, purple, white and my favourite - black!!! I was a little intimidated by this one at first - I didn't know what to layer it over to get the full effect, I think I tried seven combos on my nail wheel!! I finally chose Cult Nails Spontaneous as a base - I think purple was a good choice - plus, it looks so different outside in the sun as opposed to indoors!! Personally, I prefer the pictures I took indoors - I love this glitter. The formula was good, no issues - I thought it might be a little thick when I first saw it but it glided on the nail really nicely!!

Outdoors in the sun.

Outdoors in the shade.

Outdoors in the shade macro.

This was taken in the lightbox.

So what do you guys think? Will you be trying to snag one or both of these beauties today?!




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