Our First Charity Auction - ARF Ontario!

Written by Katie Schmidt


Posted on May 30 2013

Once upon a time, before Harlow & Co. was even an idea, my husband and I lived in London, Ontario and we opened our home to rescued dogs, puppies, cats & kittens - not all at once, but it sometimes felt like it! The organization that we volunteered with is called ARF Ontario, they are a 100% grassroots organization - this means that they rely solely on adoption fees to cover medical costs, donations or food and supplies from the public, volunteers to rescue, foster, train & find good forever homes for these "little" furry creatures! It is really an amazing group of people and the stories of some of these animals are just both heartwarming and sad at the same time - please be sure to check out & "like" their Facebook page for these as well as "before and after" photos of some rescues!!

Over the years we adopted three of our furry foster kids and took another one from another place, but that is another story for another time. If you follow me on Instagram, you will have likely been bombarded with photos of our furry kids...


Sprocket (muppet)


Disney (not an ARFie, but still wanted a mention)

I could totally go on forever about the stories of our own rescued ladies or about the countless number of rescues that this group has helped, but I'll leave that for you guys to discover on their Facebook page and their Success Stories page. 

So we have a full house now and we don't live in London anymore (sadly) but we've been thinking of ways to still help out... Why not host a silent auction? 


We've set up a silent auction for a complete set of Nerd Lacquer Harlow & Co. Exclusive polishes as a drama-free way to raise funds for ARF Ontario - all of the proceeds of the winning bid (minus the cost of shipping) will go towards medical bills for new and current rescues at the Strathroy Animal Hospital - we are not profiting from this auction at all and it is donated by Harlow & Co. We have opened this auction to serious bidders ONLY from Canada & United States. Sorry international ladies, the cost of shipping with tracking & delivery confirmation is too high to send these outside of Canada or the US.

So go on, show your love for furry friends and get some fabulous polish in return:

Happy bidding & cheers,



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