How To - Appeal Cosmetics Lashes

How to Care for APPEAL COSMETICS Fine Mink Eyelashes
Do not soak the fine mink eyelashes in water or any other liquids, as this can ruin the form of the eyelashes.
Apply mascara and all other makeup before applying APPEAL COSMETICS fine mink eyelashes. Do not apply mascara directly to the fine mink eyelashes.

How to Remove APPEAL COSMETICS Fine Mink Eyelashes
To remove the fine mink eyelashes use a cotton swab with warm water and mild soap. Apply the cotton swab directly onto the eyelash strip. Once the eyelash glue is removed, peel back the mink eyelash very slowly. Gently pull any excess eyelash glue from the eyelash strip.
Comb the fine mink eyelashes and place on clear insert. Store in APPEAL COSMETICS box. Do not apply products to the fine mink eyelashes.

How to Apply APPEAL COSMETICS Fine Mink Eyelashes
Measure the fine mink eyelash strip to the length of your eye. Then trim the extra length from the outer end of the eyelashes.
Apply glue to fine mink eyelash strip. Please do not apply glue to the fine mink fur as this could ruin the shape of the eyelashes. Allow glue on the fine mink eyelashes strip to become tacky before applying to your eyelash line.  
To apply the fine mink eyelashes, tweezers are recommended. This helps to hold the eyelashes in place to get as close to your natural lash line as possible; therefore, the fine mink eyelashes look natural and blend with your own lashes seamlessly.